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Sunday School Teaching Materials

This encompassed the following kinds of publications:

  • Bible exposition for teaching . . .

    • adults and young adults

    • teens

    • elementary and beginner ages

  • devotional, informational, and missions articles

  • Jewish culture, history, and current perspectives

  • home Bible study

  • teaching preparation, helps, and illustrations

  • short stories for adults, teens, and children

In every publication I edited, I carefully . . .

  • made sure the writing was logical, clear, and compelling

  • ensured the factual, theological, and biblical accuracy

  • researched anything that was questionable or unsubstantiated, checked sources, and proofread

The Hebrew-Greek Key Study Bible

A popular study Bible that offers definitions for key words in the biblical text. Extensive study notes and helps are also included. My role in helping produce this resource was proofing the study notes and Greek helps, checking the Strong's Dictionary numbers that appear with the key biblical words, and helping with the overall readability.

Homeschool Bible Curriculum

This six-year teaching resource for elementary through high school was not only something I helped create the concept for and led the development of, I also edited and proofread the first three years of the elementary curriculum. This included a great deal of effort in checking Bible facts, background, and organizing the material.

The Complete Word Study  Dictionary: New Testament

This useful resource from AMG International provides definitions of New Testament Greek words for laymen. It also includes helpful insights from Spiros Zodhiates, a modern-Greek-speaking scholar of Scripture. My editing work involved checking the spelling and usage of the Greek terms and making sure the information and definitions were correct and worded properly. I also worked on creating the index showing where the Greek words appear in the New Testament.

Blue Skies

publication development

Homeschool Bible Curriculum

In addition to my editing work at Union Gospel Press, I had the privilege of helping originate the concept and leading the creative team in developing a K-12 Bible curriculum for homeschoolers.

Development of this book concept alongside author Jim Musser was a real joy, and the final product has received great reviews.

Fun and Uplifting Take-Home Papers

From the original concept to the final product, these creative and colorful Sunday school take-home pages came from my efforts and direction.

Blue Skies


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