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Having lived in Southern California, Tennessee, and Ohio, I have gotten to experience a few very different cultures that can be found in our great nation. So much of who I am relates to where I've been. I love riding the ocean waves, backpacking in the backwoods, and delving into local history. My hobbies include playing fingerstyle guitar, woodworking, and even landscape painting when I get the chance. My greatest love, however, is learning and teaching the precious Word of God, which has taken my heart and mind captive.

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What you need to
know about me.

Todd Williams

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Before graduating from college, I was asked to join an editing team at an international ministry. I cut my teeth editing a Greek dictionary, study Bibles, and even a short novel. From there I moved on to another ministry and became a theological editor for expositional Bible-teaching materials. Every day for over 30 years, I was able to evaluate, research, and enhance the quality of manuscripts from Bible expositors and teachers around the nation. I worked with publications for adults down to teens, juniors, and elementary-aged children. Besides the Bible exposition, I also edited related articles, devotionals, and short stories (here are some things I've worked on). During that time I served as a theological editor, content and line editor, proofreader, and even editor in chief. Now I look to help writers like you bring their passion into print and make an eternal impact for Christ.

Other things you might want to know

Chicago Manual of Style

The Chicago Manual has guided me for nearly all of my editing career.

Christian Writers Manual
    of Style

This is a great resource I use in editing Christian materials.

Christian PEN Member

This network of professional Christian editors is dedicated to helping editors be the best they can be.

BA in Pastoral Studies

I am a graduate of Tennessee Temple University.

Microsoft Word

With many years of experience, I can probably solve just about any issues writers might have.

Adobe Acrobat and InCopy

These are programs I have worked with in the past.

Editor Training

My years of editing experience have allowed me to train several other editors.

Why You Need Me

Even editors need to be edited. No one can do their best writing alone. Sure, the opinion of a good friend can be helpful and provide important feedback. But if you are writing for publication, an expert opinion is extremely valuable. It can make the difference between being published and merely dreaming of the possibilities.

My long years of experience can be leveraged to your advantage!


Let's Work Together!

Do you want to write in a way that forcefully impacts people for Christ? I can help you do that! Clarity and creativity are prime directives in my editing approach. The work of writing can be so much better when a veteran wordsmith is allowed to help you avoid problems before your work is published. Together we can make your writing shine!

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