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Listen to what others say . . .

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Jim Musser
Author of Letters from Downstream

“Todd worked with me a few years ago on a manuscript for a book I was intending to get published. My first impression was how much he valued my ideas. My second was that he was willing to be honest with me. His insight into the publishing world and his creativity led me to changing my entire approach. The result was a much, much better book, towards which I have received great reviews.” 

Betsy Bryan Cubas
Writer and Bilingual Editor

“For over twenty years, I wrote lessons for a Christian publishing house with Todd as one of my editors. His expertise in improving the final product helped me to become a better writer. During the last year of active involvement with that company, he and I collaborated on editing the production of materials translated into Spanish. At all times, it was a pleasure to work with him. Always thorough and knowledgeable, his kindness was apparent.  I hope to be able to work with him again in the future.”

Outdoor Reading
Outdoor Reading

Karen Sommer
Author of Writing Your Never-Ending Story

“I highly recommend Todd’s editing capabilities. His involvement in my book was invaluable. Todd’s mastery of the English language gave me confidence that the grammar, punctuation, and flow of reading would be correct.  I also appreciate his gift for being able to improve the syntax of my sentences without changing my style of writing, or preventing my personality from coming through the pages of my book. I will be using him as an editor for every book I write.”

Stephen Barnhart
Editor, Writer, and Colleague

“Having been a colleague of Todd for many years, I can wholeheartedly recommend him for any editorial work you need to have done. He has years of experience in publishing, has a wide fund of knowledge, and is grammatically proficient. I can also vouch for his conscientiousness.”

Two Colleagues in Office
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